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Role: Miss
Name: Miccola Emirio Zein
Study Master at: Deakin University, Australia

Ican education mantap, dari s1 di James Cook University sampai s2 di Deakin Australia, semua diurusin, jadi tinggal bawa badan dan otak untuk belajar, ga ribet mikirin yg lain..thank u Ican!!

Miss Miccola Emirio Zein feedback

Role: Student
Name: Aurellia Theola Elisha
Study at: Berjaya University, Malaysia

I am now a student in BUCH in Malaysia, I was able to register to the university fairly easily through ICAN. Since I live far away from Jakarta, things tend to get more difficult but it was not. I could send files that are needed easily and I can contact the agents everytime I need something. The agents would also remind me about the documents I haven't sent and make sure that everything is complete before sending it to the required places to avoid any mistakes. There are of course some minor misunderstandings, but those were always cleared up. Overall, I think that if you are really lost and need a guidance like I was, working with ICAN makes it a lot easier. So for those who are thinking of going overseas you could consider going to ICAN for help.

Student Aurellia Theola Elisha feedback

Role: Student
Name: Vanesa Gabriela
Study at: Berjaya University, Malaysia

Semuanya bermula dari International Education Expo yang diadain ICAN Education, saat datang ke pamerannya, aku masih bingung mau kuliah di negara mana dan di universitas mana tapi staff- staff ICAN sangat membantu aku, mereka memberi aku banyak saran dan masukan sampai akhirnya aku memutuskan untuk kuliah di Malaysia. Aku sempat coba datang ke agen-agen pendidikan yang lain tapi tetap akhirnya aku merasa bahwa ICAN Education lah yang terbaik. Selama proses pengurusan untuk sekolah di Malaysia, aku dibantu oleh Ci Ratih dan Ci Sellyna. Mereka benar- benar ramah, baik, sabar, dan respondnya juga sangat cepat. Aku sangat puas dengan pelayanan ICAN. Terima kasih ICAN Education! Sukses selalu! :)

Student Vanesa Gabriela feedback

Role: Student
Name: Fahrul Rizal
Study at: University of Canterbury

I-Can is a really professional agent and very helpful in finding the university that suits my need in New Zealand.  Thanks to the team and my counselor Anita, without whom I might have been very busy in the process of finding university, enrollment and visa.

Although I have been accepted as student at University of Canterbury, the I-Can Team still really care about their student. One of the University staff has personally contacted me to talk about my study in New Zealand just because I am using the service of I-Can Education. Hence, I can focus on my study without having to think very much about the university administration.

Therefore, If there is anyone out there who would like find an education consultant, I’ll be delightful to suggest I-Can Education as their primary choice.

Thanks again mates!!

Student Fahrul Rizal feedback

Role: Student
Name: Marilyn Audenia Setiawan
Study at: Southern Institute of Technology, New Zealand

We have been looking for overseas animation schools through educational consultants and educational exhibition in Jakarta for a few months. At first, we never thought to study in New Zealand.

But our encounter with Kevin-I in education exhibition in Jakarta become a milestone for us to learn about studying in New Zealand. Mr Kevin explained about the education system in New Zealand in detail, the hospitality of New Zealand citizens and safety place to study in New Zealand.

Also he explained that in 2016, one of New Zealand schools items, namely Southern Institute of Technology Provides a 25% scholarship. We are also Introduced to Jason, the SIT staff of the which is in Jakarta by chance. Jason is a humble person who patiently answering our questions and highly motivated us to study in SIT. After some time of the meeting, we decided to study at the SIT Invercargill.

From the beginning to the end, we've got a very professional help from Nike -I can such as the requirements need to apply to study in SIT. She is an agile, friendly and always smiling person who makes us always feel comfortable and satisfied with her services. Prior to departure, we were also introduced to Chami, marketing manager of SIT which is coincidental at I Can office Gading Serpong. She is really a friendly, pleasant, and full of attention person. Chami told us that we will be happy to study at SIT.

Our trip to SIT Invercargill through Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown are presented with a beautiful spectacular scenery. It is true indeed New Zealanders are so friendly and helpful.

Invercargill SIT has two big campus which is located in the suburb. Within walking distance of the campus SIT, there are some big supermarket providing our needs. Staff of SIT are so kind, helpful and pleasant. Starting from picked up in Queenstown up to SIT Invercargill, we receive a very good services.

We are truly grateful to be able to study at SIT Invercargill. Although the journey that we have traveled is very far, but it is nothing compared to the amazing scenery, friendly people, helpful and professionalism of SIT staff.

Of course this is all because of God's mercy and His wonderful inclusion, the help and support of Kevin, Nike from I can education consultant, plus support from Jason and Chami make our children's dreams come true to study animation in SIT New Zealand. And more over, we are really happy and feel safe to leave our daughter to study in a great place like New Zealand.

Thanks to Kevin, Nike, Jason and Chami for your explanation, help and supports.

Student Marilyn Audenia Setiawan feedback

Role: Student
Name: Niccodemus Michael
Study at: Southern Institute of Technology , New Zealand

In my experience, ICAN Education Consultant gave an excellent service, i only had less than 1 month for preparation. ICAN Education Consultant has a quick respons  and really helpful. Far beyond my expectations. They give great and honest advices as it is. Now i'm enjoying study in New Zealand Southern Institute of Technology  Invercargill. I'm very statisfied. Thanks ICAN Education Consultant.

Student Niccodemus Michael feedback

Role: Student
Name: Tasha
English Course at: ICAN English

Thank you so much for ICAN English. I had learnt many things in English and I had a lot of experiences too. The teacher is kind and patiently teach me. I am so greatfull that ICAN English took part in improving my English.

Student Tasha feedback

Role: Student
Name: Kaninta
English Course at: ICAN English

I am so enjoying to improve my English with a good teacher and friends. Thank you ICAN English!

Student Kaninta feedback

Role: Student
Name: Christopher Alessandro
English Course at: ICAN English

My name is Christopher and I want to tell you guys that I have an amazing study experience at ICAN English. The teacher was nice and friendly, so you’ll never be bored at the class. And the classmates were friendly too. The important thing above all, I could get my target score.

Student Christopher Alessandro feedback

Role: Student
Name: Natanael Suwandi
English Course at: ICAN English

I want to study aboard so I need to take IELTS test. At first, I was worried about taking it, because I thought it would be difficult. But ICAN English provides all the materials needed, so I can practice and increase my skills there. The teachers here are also very competent and patient to teach us how to get a good score. In here, we are not just given the theory, but also the practices as well. I had an amazing class here. At the end, ICAN helped me to be confident and increased my score in IELTS test.

Student Natanael Suwandi feedback

Role: Student
Name: Eilif
English Course at: ICAN English

Study IELTS at ICAN English could improving my confidence to be able to achieve a high score in IELTS test. They have professional teachers and class size is limited. So, it makes study IELTS easier. In the past, I don’t know anything about IELTS, but nowdays I have achieved a lot of improvement. Thx ICAN!

Student Eilif feedback

Role: Student
Name: Fadhilla
English Course at: ICAN English

First word that I will say for ICAN English is “FUN”. Yeah! For the first time I feel so fun for studying English. The teachers here are so friendly and kind. So, they make us feel relaxed to be here and make me don’t want to leave the class. Hahaha

Student Fadhilla feedback

Role: Student
Name: Alberto Pascal
Study at: Worldwide School of English, New Zealand

Thank's for ICAN Education Consultant. Who give me a help to find and decided which university that I have to go and help me to apply the visa and find accomodation, The university and accomodation was great and very strategic.

Student Alberto Pascal feedback

Role: Student
Name: Pricilia dan Valencia
Study at: MDIS, Singapore

Thank you ICAN Education udah bantuin kita ngurusin kuliah di singapore (MDIS). Makasih juga buat Kak Anita karena udah bantuin ngurusin semua mulai dari education sampai accomodation dan ketemuin kita berdua yang sama sekali belum pernah ketemu. Karena ICAN, kita bisa mewujudkan mimpi kita untuk belajar di luar negeri dan kita bisa kenal sedekat ini dalam waktu yang sangat singkat. Thank you ICAN! 

Student Pricilia dan Valencia feedback

Role: Student
Name: Rissa Octaria
Student at: Kaplan Singapore

Terima kasih ICAN Education Consultant, terutama mba Livia yg sudah ngurus semuanya sampai dibantuin buat refund juga dan sabar nanganin aku yang bawel dan banyak masalah ini itu. hihihi


Thank you so much...

Student Rissa Octaria feedback

Role: Student
Name: Sasha
Student at: Brunel University, London

Hallo aku Sasha! Terima kasih ICAN Education Consultant, terutama ka Nike.. Thanks to her. Aku sekarang bisa belajar di Brunel University London, thanks sudah membantu prosesnya, documents2 dan semua2 nya :)

Student Sasha feedback

Role: Student
Name: Ibnu Wiharja
Student at: PSB Academy, Singapore

I'd like to thank ICAN Education Consultant for helping me get to where I am now. They helped me so much by answering all the questions I have about the school, where to reside and everything about studying abroad in general. They handled all of the documents needed by the school and I just sat there wondering how they did it. I highly recommend getting assistance from ICAN Education Consultant for anyone in need of help getting to know about schools overseas.

Student Ibnu Wiharja feedback

Role: Student
Name: Dustin and Rose
Study at: SHATEC and Kaplan Singapore

Terima kasih ICAN Education Consultant, terutama ci Livia dan kak Sarah yang sudah memberikan banyak kemudahan, memberikan banyak informasi yang jelas, membantu mengurus dokumen2 dan akomodasi hingga kami bisa sekolah di Singapore. Kami sangat merekomendasikan ICAN sebagai konsultan pendidikan yang bisa diandalkan. ICAN is the best!

Student Dustin and Rose feedback

Role: Student
Name: Noviana Pui
Study at: MDIS (Fashion Design)

Terima kasih ICAN EDUCATION terutama untuk Kak Meisi Theresia yang sudah memberi informasi yang lengkap dan membantu memproses semua dokumen dan akomodasi, sehingga saya dapat melanjutkan kuliah di MDIS. Choose ICAN as your education consultant. Thanks ICAN!

Student Noviana Pui feedback

Role: Student
Name: Fenny Florensia Bonardy
Study at: Sunway College ( Victoria University Programme)

Terima kasih ICAN Education Consultant, terutama buat ce Meisi yang sudah memberi informasi yang jelas dan lengkap, membantu mengurus dokumen, membantu proses enrollment, accomodation hingga saya sekolah di Sunway. Saya recommend ICAN Education Consultant sebagai konsultan pendidikan yang memuaskan dan bagus.

Student Fenny Florensia Bonardy feedback

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